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Celebrating Yule: Wheel of the Year - Part 1

Yule - light sparkling on frost covered berries

Where does a wheel begin?

Depending on the traditions, the 'beginning' of the wheel can happen at Samhain, Yule, Ibolc, or Ostara. For me, I feel the beginning starts with the Winter Solstice, aka Yule.

This is when the Sun seems to turn toward us again after its slow descent and we celebrate the return of its light and warmth.

What I love about the Winter Solstice is the quiet.

The days are short and the nights are long. Yes, the light is returning, but there is still plenty of time to turn inward and embrace the introspection that the darkness offers.

Here in the North, the Earth sleeps under a thick blanket of snow and we're encouraged to do the same - to rest and restore, to give gratitude for the blessings and lessons of the past year, and to dream of all the potential for growth and new beginnings.


Traditionally, Yule is celebrated over 12 days, from December 20th to December 31st, with each day focusing on specific ways to deepen our connections with nature, spirit, community, and personal fulfillment.

These are celebrations of giving, not just of material gifts, but the gift of presence, love, joy, and kindness.

Beginning with the Mother's Night, honoring the Divine Feminine and all the maternal energies, and ending with the Twelfth Night celebration of feasting, joy, and merriment, what better way to begin the cycle of the year than with celebrations that embody the magic and spirit of hope, gratitude, and renewal?



  1. What is your favorite way to rest and restore?

  2. Do you slow down and reflect in the winter months?

  3. Do you start your Wheel of the Year celebrations with Yule?



Hi there! I'm Shannon Bueche, and this is my space to share what's on my mind, as concisely as my Virgo brain will allow. Not only do I 'spill the tea' on some common misconceptions, but I also like to drink it while I'm running down the rabbit holes of the hows and whys of what I do to harmonize with the greater connections of life.

Whether it's living, growing, and harvesting in tune with the cycles of the year, the struggles of being human in this age, or just the random musings of an everyday Earth Mother, you'll find it all here. I believe in keeping things authentic, but still practical.  So, while I may overshare details from time-to-time, I will always offer suggestions that make sense for living right now. 

So, grab a cup, sit a spell, and join me on this journey of living from the ground up.

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