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About Us

We believe that food should be fun, life should be enjoyed, and that taking oneself too seriously is what gives so many people cancer, hair loss, indigestion, and hangnails.

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Hi, We're Shannon and Jeff Bueche.

We have lived on this farm in Casselton, ND for 23 years.

For 20+ years, we have been working, playing, dreaming, and turning our rural Casselton farmstead into an organic herb and berry farm. It hasn’t come quickly or easily, but it’s all been worthwhile, and the products you see here are a result of all we’ve learned, and a realization of that dream.


We now have over 50 different herb varieties, and over 100 berry trees and bushes...and the list is growing every year.


We are committed to sharing our love of plants and proving that health and wellness through daily doses of herbs, berries, joy. 


Together, we've discovered living “from the ground up”, can be incredibly effective, delicious, and just plain fun!


Our Process

You've probably heard people say they grew their business from the ground up. We aim to LIVE from the ground up

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We’ve chosen to create our products from the ground up too.

We Grow: in our botanical gardens, fields, & greenhouse.

We Distill & Process: in our commercial kitchen & drying shed.


We Create:  through our event center classes, our herbal skincare products, and our herbal bitters and jellies.

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Our Focus

For over 20 years, we've been a part of our community, and building our knowledge, systems, and products to help other people live healthier and heal themselves. 

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Our business focuses on health and wellness by connecting people with plants through massage modalities, herbal wellness education, and herbal products. 
We are unique in that we organically grow the majority of the plants we use, as well as manufacture our products and host educational events right here on our farmstead. 


Our Journey

Our company is currently separated into three Business Lines, each with a distinct Consumer Type, Product Line, & Voice

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Our 3 Business Lines

Massage Alchemy

Massage Therapy


Massage Alchemy Botanicals

Herbal Products and Events


Turkey Road Farm Products

Herbal Philters, Jams, and Jellies


This has given us the opportunity to create different “personalities” for our product lines, as Massage Alchemy Botanicals focuses more on products for healing various specific issues, and Turkey Road Farm Products are more playful products that emphasize delicious ways to enjoy herbs and berries on a daily basis for overall health and wellness.



Any growth that's lasting, takes time.




  • 2001 Farmstead & Dreams

  • 2018 Massage Alchemy Founded – Wellness through Massage Therapy & Education

  • 2019 Massage Alchemy Botanicals Business Line Added – Herbal Topical Products & Wellness

  • 2020 Pride of Dakota Certified

  • 2021 Turkey Road Farms Business Line Added  – Herbal & Berry Products – Good That Tastes Better

  • 2023 Commercial Kitchen Build-out

  • 2024 Herbal Greenhouse Build-out

  • 2024 Event Center Build-out

Online Store

All of our wholistic products can be purchased on our store for pickup or shipping!

On-Location Events

 Event center & greenhouse, we have classes that you won't want to miss, and space to host your events!


Our bitters can add delicious digestives to your drinks menu. Our line of skincare products are hot sellers too!

Booths & Markets

We love to see you at each of these markets where we'll have a booth or speak!

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