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Celebrating Imbolc: Wheel of the Year Part 2

Imbolc- Candle in the Dark

 What's known as the ”Wheel of the Year” is a series of ancient traditions and celebrations that honor the cycles of the Earth as she shifts, through what we understand as the seasons.

When is Imbolc?

In early February when Imbolc comes around, life here in the North is still mostly sleeping, snuggled down under a quilt of frost and snow.

But, almost imperceptibly at first, there's a stirring that begins to happen - an anticipation that's growing day-by-day.

A feeling that just under the surface, life is beginning to wake up from its hibernation, and the dreamy plans for the future are about to break through.

We're not quite ready to jump up and get going, but we're close, and it's time to start preparations.

What is Imbolc to Me?

Imbolc, for me, is like that first morning wake up alarm, where we're just realizing the days are getting a little longer, and we're starting to feel the energy of life coming back.

How Can I Celebrate Imbolc?

It's a time for sweeping out the metaphorical and literal cobwebs in our minds and homes, and to stretch and energize all those seeds of possibility that we dreamed about during Yule.


Questions To Help You Begin Your Practice:

  1. Have you tried setting yearly goals in February instead of January?

  2. Does deep cleaning make you feel energized?

  3. How do you celebrate Imbolc?



Hi there! I'm Shannon Bueche, and this is my space to share what's on my mind, as concisely as my Virgo brain will allow. Not only do I 'spill the tea' on some common misconceptions, but I also like to drink it while I'm running down the rabbit holes of the hows and whys of what I do to harmonize with the greater connections of life.

Whether it's living, growing, and harvesting in tune with the cycles of the year, the struggles of being human in this age, or just the random musings of an everyday Earth Mother, you'll find it all here. I believe in keeping things authentic, but still practical.  So, while I may overshare details from time-to-time, I will always offer suggestions that make sense for living right now. 

So, grab a cup, sit a spell, and join me on this journey of living from the ground up.

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