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Celebrating Samhain: Wheel of the Year Part 8

Samhain - Cup of steaming hot tea pictured with fall leaves and blanket
 What's known as the ”Wheel of the Year” is a series of ancient traditions and celebrations that honor the cycles of the Earth as she shifts, through what we understand as the seasons.

What is Samhain

At the end of October/early November, we celebrate Samhain and the halfway point between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice.

It is said that this is the time when the veil between the living and the spirit world is at its thinnest.

What Samhain Means to Me

Personally, I feel that my ancestors and guides are always with me, but I do take extra time in honoring them at Samhain, and you will often find several extra place settings at my dinner table for them to join us.

How I Celebrate

This also marks the beginning of "hibernation" season for me, when the gardens have been put to sleep, and my outside work is done.

I can finally settle in for some much-needed downtime.

I read, reflect, let go, and begin to dream of the new seeds I will plant in my gardens and in myself as the wheel spins into a new cycle.


Questions to Help You Begin Your Journey

  1. What work can you 'put to bed' and let go of this season?

  2. What new seeds/dreams will you plan to plant next year?

  3. Who can you honor/thank in your life as your guide (no matter which side of the veil they're on).



Hi there! I'm Shannon Bueche, and this is my space to share what's on my mind, as concisely as my Virgo brain will allow. Not only do I 'spill the tea' on some common misconceptions, but I also like to drink it while I'm running down the rabbit holes of the hows and whys of what I do to harmonize with the greater connections of life.

Whether it's living, growing, and harvesting in tune with the cycles of the year, the struggles of being human in this age, or just the random musings of an everyday Earth Mother, you'll find it all here. I believe in keeping things authentic, but still practical.  So, while I may overshare details from time-to-time, I will always offer suggestions that make sense for living right now. 

So, grab a cup, sit a spell, and join me on this journey of living from the ground up.

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