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Stop and Smell the Roses

Woman Stopping to Smell A Red Rose Growing On A Trellis

Beauty and Protection

There is nothing more lovely than spending an afternoon picking rose petals. Just the intoxicating smell alone transports me to a place of luxury, refinement, and peace.

To me, roses are the epitome of the feminine: deeply grounding and nurturing when she is appreciated, and yet fiercely protective and thorny if she is mishandled.  

She is beauty, love, and grace personified as told in so many fables, legends, myths, and poetry.

Just as with female beauty, there are many kinds of roses, and I'd love to introduce you to the ones in my garden.

Dried Rose Petals

Gifting Cheerful Guardians

Wild Roses stand as guardians and protectors of my garden rooms, as well as welcoming friends to entice you to come closer. This blossoming wild rose bush came to my farm as a gift from my late mother-in-law, Donna Rose Bueche a lovely woman who learned the hard way how to grow thorns to protect herself, and yet was still gracious, generous, and kind a wild rose indeed!


Hope Thrives When You Make A Space For It

Then there are the Teacup Roses my mother planted here several years ago.

They were only supposed to last one season, but they have returned each year, always more glorious than the last.

These returning flowers are a testament to the challenges my mother has faced. She continues to thrive, and her vibrant life is proof that choosing healing, grace, and love is stronger than fear or hardships.


Wild Things Welcome Here

The newest addition to my gardens are the Rugosa Roses.  Rugged, vigorous, and gorgeous these beauties not only produce a multitude of flowers, they also provide some of the biggest, tastiest rose hips I’ve found. 

I’ve only just begun to play with these beauties, but you can bet they will find their way into syrups, jellies, and tonics of various kinds.


Reflection of the Feminine Heart

The magic of the rose is in her ability to be both deeply loving and highly protective.

She is the queen of hearts and is found in all of my dream pillows, flower blessings, remedies for children, women, and anyone needing heart soothing and/or protection.   

When our days become exhausting and we are overwhelmed by stress, do yourself a favor and take time to stop and smell the roses.  Allow her beautiful energy to calm and wrap you in grace and love.

Thank you, Madame Rose! 


Questions to Spark Your Inner Gardener

  1. What areas of my life need both love and protection?

  2. Can I be spontaneous to "Stop and Smell the Roses," or do I need to schedule time to create that space in my life?

  3. Can I plant roses outside, or have them in my house somewhere?



Hi there! I'm Shannon Bueche, and this is my space to share what's on my mind, as concisely as my Virgo brain will allow. Not only do I 'spill the tea' on some common misconceptions, but I also like to drink it while I'm running down the rabbit holes of the hows and whys of what I do to harmonize with the greater connections of life.

Whether it's living, growing, and harvesting in tune with the cycles of the year, the struggles of being human in this age, or just the random musings of an everyday Earth Mother, you'll find it all here. I believe in keeping things authentic, but still practical.  So, while I may overshare details from time-to-time, I will always offer suggestions that make sense for living right now. 

So, grab a cup, sit a spell, and join me on this journey of living from the ground up.

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