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Mr Wise Apple

Mr Wise Apple


Apple and Sage.


So, we know a guy who has a bunch of apple trees... the apples are small, tart, and the "Right Price", as my father used to say (except for the picking, crushing, juicing, processing and storing)... but, when we couple the slightly bitter, earthy flavor of sage with this juice, it really becomes something special! Sage, as my lovely wife (the Yin to my Yang) would tell you, is a "brain food" and has reputed positive effects on memory and brain function... pretty cool, right?!!? I KNOW!!! Now, because I'm a jelly guy, I don't usually like a lot of "texture" in my products. But, allowing those tiny bits of sage to keep infusing the jelly is totally worth it!

Put this on melba toast, glaze a pork loin or, put some of the syrup into a vinaigrette.

If "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", honey is a healthy alternative to processed sweeteners, and sage can increase your brain power, why WOULDN"T we call this unusual pairing: Mr. Wise Apple????


    Apple juice, sage leaves, honey, pectin, lemon juice.


    Jelly: Net weight - 3.8oz (107g). Serving size: 1 Tbsp. Servings per container: 8. Refrigerate after opening.

    Syrup: Net weight - 8fl oz (236ml). Serving Size: 1 Tbsp. Servings per container: 16. Refrigerate after opening.



    • Use jelly as a spread for crepes.
    • Add jelly to your favorite pulled pork sandwich sauce.
    • Use jelly in a dressing for fruit and/or chicken salad.
    • Add a little jelly to your sauerkraut for a fresh topping to your loaded brat or ball-park frank.


    • Sprinkle syrup over your favorite dry rubbed poultry, beef or pork dish.
    • Add syrup to hot cider or herbal tea.
    • Use syrup as a dredge for battered shrimp....thinkin' you, Panko!
    • Mix syrup into your favorite coleslaw recipe.
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