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I've been studying and working with herbs and alternative forms of healing for almost 40 years now (oof..has it been that long?), and a few years ago, I finally started to get serious about it. Life has a way of leading you toward what you're really meant to pursue and yes, it took a good long time to get there, but here I am.


You'll find places here on my website to schedule massage services, order remedies, potions and lotions to 'cure what ails ya', links to my social media pages where I muse about random thoughts on my 'Tuesday Tea Times' and post quips to boost your day on 'Affirmation Fridays'.  You'll also find the occasional class and event I'm hosting that help me pass on the knowledge I've learned over the years to whomever is interested. If all else fails, you can find me in my gardens playing with the plants.  

Who I Am and What I Do

We all have a secret love (or not quite so secret if you ask my husband), that captures our minds and touches our souls.  Mine revolves around plants, and the magic they bring to our lives and our environments.  And so, while I am a massage therapist by profession, I am also an herbalist, Earth Mother, organic farmer, and lover of all things green! 

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About Me: Inner_about
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